FWB vs. Situationships

For those wondering, FWB stands for "Friends with benefits". This is a term given to a kind of relationship between two people. I was going to say it is usually between two people of the opposite sex, but in this era, you never know. I will start today's post by explaining the two words in... Continue Reading →

Growing Up With 5 Siblings

On today's episode of Tife's Thoughts (lol I always wanted to say that), we're going to be talking about adults (parents to be precise), and the conversations we have or are forced to have with them. LOL I know the title might have made you think of a different conversation, but lets save that for... Continue Reading →

The Significant Other.

Does it ever bother you when you try so hard to check up on someone and they act so unbothered? I mean this might not happen all the time, but when it does, it can be so annoying. I'm sure you're all wondering what I'm talking about. Well, here goes. So, my boyfriend has been... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back Tife!

Where have I been? That's the question I've been asking myself for a while. My excuse is that school has been so stressful and I have zero time for myself. Is that really the truth? I don't know. Sometimes I think I have lost myself in this world of going for classes at 8am, doing... Continue Reading →

They are watching.

Prior to some of my communication classes, I had no idea that people's online activities could be watched and recorded. It came as a shock for me because I had never heard of anything like that and most websites claim to have privacy settings without letting you realize that those setting are to an extent.... Continue Reading →

Producer or Consumer?

Are media audiences producers, consumers or both? Tough question to answer in this generation because of the new technologies that keep popping up. The textbook states that "changes in technology are enabling new forms of collaboration and creativity among media audiences." which is very true because technology is a main contributor to the connection the... Continue Reading →

Are you a fan?

I tried to imagine myself asking my friends who/what they are a fan of, and I just laughed because I knew most of the were going to tell me "I don't think I'm a fan of anything". Then I decided to ask myself that question and funny enough, I came up with the same answer.... Continue Reading →

Media Rituals Contd.

Objectification is the second element that Silverstone and his coauthors discussed. Objectification takes place when the technology object is displayed or organized in the home. This is when the arrangement of the living room or common area is set according to the position of the television. Every household does this. the TV is usually set... Continue Reading →

Media Rituals

I know everyone has their every morning routine and there are many blog posts or YouTube videos of people talking about the things they do to start their day every morning. I feel like in this generation, it is basically the same routines that we all have. I wake up to the sound of my... Continue Reading →

Audience interpretation

One question that media producers always think about is "How exactly do audiences interpret communication messages?" Stuart Hall turned to semiotics and linguistics to answer this question. In decoding specific messages, audiences react to both the denotative level of meaning which is the literal meaning or common sense meaning of the sign and connotative level... Continue Reading →

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